Jonah Koslen Donny Thompson Bill March Rik Williger Van Eidom
Lead Guitar/Lead Vocal Rhythm Guitar/Lead, BG Vocal Bass Guitar/Lead, BG Vocal Keyboards/Flute/BG Vocal Drums/BG Vocal

What Michael Stanley has to say about Jonah Koslen's "Stage Pass Now".
"I'm as excited as everyone else is to hear Jonah and his band perform the Stagepass album live and in concert. I can't wait to sit in the audience and have the experience of hearing our classic MSB album in all its rocking glory, this time as his friend and a fan." 

Michael Stanley

Jonah Koslen speaks, "Why Stage Pass Now?"
SPN "The Gear"
Find out what the band is playing to get that vintage sound.

Jonah Koslen
Donny Thompson
Van Eidom Rik Williger Billy March
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